Collect the Orbs... Avoid the Discs... Survive... REPEAT.

This is Disc Room RL, a quasi-roguelike interpretation of Devolver Digital's Disc Room; developed for the Disc Room Game Jam.


Press SPACE to start the game. You'll be dropped into a room. Move around using the Numpad keys (1 to 9). Numpad 5 waits a turn. (NEW! You can now use the QWE-ASD-ZXC keys!)

Collect the Orbs! Each Orb earns you 1 point... but they also spawn a deadly Disc!

The Discs may move around and bounce on walls. Pay attention to their direction arrows; they'll tell you where the Discs are moving to next! You can move into a tile currently occupied by a Disc... unless the Disc is heading right toward you! Be careful! Take your time to look around!

Currently the game only has one level and no real goal other than collecting as many Orbs as you can. I'm seriously considering improving this game in the future with more levels and maybe proper goals. We'll see! Right now, this little thing is good enough for me.


Not really... er... Take a look at my Patreon, maybe? I'm working on a weekly webcomic, plus every now and then I come up with these little game ideas.

One way or another, thanks for checking my little Game Jam project! Leave a comment! :D

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMegawacky Max
Made withConstruct
TagsConstruct 2, devolver-digital, disc-room, Game Jam, Roguelike

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My keyboard doesn't have a numerical number pad :(


Buen concepto. Seguramente con más mapas y un objetivo concreto quede mejor (quizás tener que llegar a una salida, y que para llegar haya que pasar por puertas cerradas que primero requieran llaves, etc.)

¡Gracias! Lo cierto es que el proyecto original era mucho más ambicioso y tenía muchas cosas que mencionás. Por motivos de tiempo tuve que recortar un montón. Pero me gustaría mucho seguir expandiendo el juego después de la Game Jam. ¡Hay que seguir!