What is DRONN?

DRONN is my first project in Bitsy; a short story about a lone, dutyful repair drone.

You are DRONN Unit 26, the last remaining functioning repair drone in the S.S. PIONEER. You have awakened after having being offline for 50 years. As the AI Core explains, a sudden jolt of electricity turned the main emergency systems back on... And now there are biological signals coming from within the ship.

It's up to you to go and explore the place, detect what these signals are, and find out what happened to the crew of the S.S. PIONEER. Interact with humans, learn about their own stories of the past fifty years, complain about your limited technology, and, since you're at it, try to solve a little issue that's been bothering the crew for a while now.


Why Bitsy?

My original idea for DRONN was well beyond my reach. I have nor the time or skill to achieve what I had originally planned. Bitsy is a charming little game creator that focuses mainly on narrative, and on that front I thought I could tell DRONN's story well enough. I began tinkering with it and I liked how it was shaping up, so I went ahead and wrote the whole thing.

I'm quite content with the end result. This was also a great practice for storytelling in compact bursts.


This was neat! Where can I support you?

You can check my Patreon. I'm currently drawing a weekly webcomic, but every now and then I come up with little surprises and extra content, like this little game here. All my work is free for everyone, but my Patrons get to enjoy them earlier than anyone else.

And of course, there's always the handy Donation button on this very page. ;-)


Anything else?

Drop me a comment! What did you think of the game? The story? The characters? Comments, critics, opinions and suggestions, they all help me improve!

Okay, that's all. Thanks for reading up to this point!


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...You can be quite content with the result! Very engaging story which turned out to be longer than expected, especially for a bitsy game! I really enjoyed your take on survivalism. Characters are well developed though i can't figure out how Dronn 26 gets their names without access to database. Apart that a very nice game. Thank you for making this!
tl;dr : "human words" (:


Thank you! Dronn was originally meant to be a much longer game for a different platform, but Bitsy gave me the chance to explore the core story. This is one of the projects I'd love to revisit in the future.