ARROW KEYS: Movement.

Z KEY: Attack / Skip Text (once text has finished)

SPACE: Start the game!


This what you see here is a little game I made in a lapse of 5 days, with Construct 2, game is based on a videogame-themed webcomic I draw. It's a tribute to one of the greatest games of all time: the one, the only, the first, the wonderful Legend of Zelda for NES.


As it's usual in Bits & Bytes, the restaurant for videogame characters is preparing to celebrate Link and Zelda's 30th Anniversary in the Game Industry. However, a horde of Moblins crash into the celebration to ruin everything. This causes the restaurant to shift format (as it often does), turning itself into a parody of the very same game we're trying to homage.

Now it's up to Nolan to get rid of those pesky Moblins and, since we're at it, find a proper present for Link and Zelda. On with it!

Also, you can't die. Moblins "hurt" you, but you never lose any health. Hey, this is supposed to be a playable tribute! (also, I didn't have time to add a working health system. Sue me).


Want to know more about Bits & Bytes? You can read the webcomic right here:

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Published285 days ago
AuthorMegawacky Max
Tagsanniversary, homage, Retro, Short, zelda
Player countSingleplayer


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this game is fun, but very short

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is not a great tribute to the great saga of Nintendo "The Legend of Zelda" is just a parody from Zelda NES game. Also, I accuse you of one thing, defining characters for the media type appearing is discrimination.